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Care & Rehabilitation Expo China 2018

Traveler Inn Hepingli Beijing

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      TrafficInfo: 20 minutes to CNCC by taxi,8 kilometres
    Food: xin million roast duck restaurant (peace), the jade spring noodle, chongqing township (peace), xin bashu boiled fish sichuan cuisine (peace), like holiland peace 2 shop

    Red gong bay shopping: tian yuan shopping center, shopping center, Beijing xinya shopping center (east TuCheng Road shop), shengxing peace store shopping square

    Entertainment: dream garden karaoke bars

    Subway station: liu fang, light city gate, peace north street, AnDingMen, lama temple

    Scenic spots: ditan gymnasium, Confucius temple, Beijing university of Chinese medicine, Beijing university of chemical industry
    20 minutes to CNCC by taxi,8 kilometres
    ATM machine
    foreign currency exchange
    assembly room
    travel service
    swimming pool
    tennis court
    Car rental services
    Ball Room
    valet service
    Chinese restaurant
    Beauty salon
    Wake up service
    western restaurant
    coffee house
    delivery service
    banquet hall
    Concierge service
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